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Paddy's In Space

PADDY'S IN SPACE is the website for Ireland's largest SETI@home team and a center for information about SETI Ireland, Astronomy Ireland, UFO Ireland and the search for other life in the Universe. The search for Extraterrestrial life has long been a fascination of mankind, and the Irish Astronomy community. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses BOINC (free software), and Internet connected computers, to search for Extraterrestrial radio signals.

You can participate by running the free BOINC software that downloads and analyses radio telescope data on your computer. SETI@home uses computer science algorithms to analyse this radio telescope data to try to find signals transmitted the same way we transmit radio and television signals here on Earth. Radio waves travel very well in space and SETI@home is trying to detect signals that have leaked out into space or have been intentionally transmitted.

PADDY'S IN SPACE is also an international team with over 570 members in 44 countries around the world (9th Dec 09).

Since May 1999, over 10 million people around the world have volunteered there spare computer time to SETI@home. About 30,000 Irish people have volunteered their spare computing capacity to this search.